Associate Professor Dr Raja Iskandar Shah Raja Azwa

FRCP (UK), Dip GUM (Lond), Dip HIV (Lond), MBChB (UK)


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  • Tue 20/10
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  • 2019 Performance of a Novel Low-Cost, Instrument-Free Plasma Separation Device for HIV Viral Load Quantification and Determination of Treatment Failure in People Living With HIV in Malaysia: A Diagnostic Accuracy Study
  • 2019 Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis Decreases Tuberculosis Risk Among Asian Patients With HIV
  • 2019 Long-term Loss to Follow-Up in the TREAT Asia HIV Observational Database (TAHOD)
  • 2019 Proteomics Analysis of Blood Plasma in HIV-infected Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease
  • 2018
  • 2018 Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Anal High-Risk HPV Among HIV-negative and HIV-positive MSM and Transgender Women in Three Countries at South-East Asia
  • 2018 Assessment of Sarcopenia in Virally Suppressed HIV-infected Asians Receiving Treatment
  • 2018 Early Suboptimal ART Adherence Was Associated With Missed Clinical Visits in HIV-infected Patients in Asia
  • 2017 Willingness to Use Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Malaysia: Findings From an Online Survey
  • 2017 HIV/Human Herpesvirus Co-Infections: Impact on Tryptophan-Kynurenine Pathway and Immune Reconstitution


Fellowships, Memberships &

Professional Affiliations

  • Associate Professor In Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya
  • Clinical Lead for HIV Service, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya
  • Clinical Associate, Center of Excellence for Research in AIDS (CERIA)
  • CIRA International Fellowship (2017), Yale University
  • EXCO, PT Foundation