Associate Professor Dr Ho Shiaw Hooi

AM (Mal), FJGES, M.Med. (Int. Med.), MD, MMed (Int.Med)


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  • 2013 Massive subcapsular air collection in the liver: A rare life- threatening complication following ERCP rendezvous procedure
  • 2011 Silent gastroesophageal disease: clinical implications of an unknown disease
  • 2011 Erosive oesophagitis with particular reference to Asians. Aliment Pharmacol Ther


Fellowships, Memberships &

Professional Affiliations

  • Early Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (May 1, 2016 - Sep 30, 2016) at National Cancer Center Hospital, Tokyo, Japan
  • Committee Member, Malaysian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (MSGH)
  • Chairman, Telemedicine Working Group, Malaysian Research and Education Network (MYREN)
  • Councillor, The Asian Pacific Society for Digestive Endoscopy (APSDE)
  • Fellow, Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society (FJGES)
  • Faculty member, Asian Novel Bio-imaging and Intervention Group (ANBIIG)
  • Faculty member, Asian Endoscopy Research Forum (AERF)
  • Associate Editor, BioMed Central Gastroenterology (BMC Gastroenterology)
  • Board Member, Medical Working Group (MWG) of Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN)
  • Scientific Co-Chair (Endoscopy), Asian Pacific Digestive Week 2020 - 2021
  • Former Assistant Professor (Dec 1, 2015 - April 30, 2016) to the Department of Endoscopic Diagnostic & Therapeutics, Kyushu University Hospital, Japan.
  • Committee Member for Equipment and Specification (Gastrointestinal Endoscopes and Accessories), University Malaya, 06-Aug-14
  • Quality Manager, Perubatan, Department Of Medicine, Faculty Of Medicine, 13-Jan-15
  • Assistant Co-ordinator for MBBS Phase 3A Clinical Exam, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya, 01-Jan-13 - 31-Dec-14
  • Occupational Safety and Health portfolio, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya, 01-Jan-13 - 31-Dec-14


Awards and


  • Asian Young Endoscopist Award 2015, Korean Society of Gastroenterology, 2015, (INTERNATIONAL)
  • Research Fellowship Program Award, Japanese Society of Gastroenterology (JSGE), 2010, (INTERNATIONAL)