Dietetic Services

UMSC Dietitian
Wan Li Yin
Senior Dietitian

Book for Appointment: +603 7841 4040

Our diet plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy and speeding up the healing process when we are sick.

Recognising and acknowledging the close connection between food and health, UMSC has a dedicated Dietetic Unit that looks specifically at nutrition both for outpatients and inpatients.

Our dietitians analyses your dietary habits to assess possible malnutrition or deficiencies in certain vitamins, minerals or micro-nutrients. These assessments that keep us healthy on a good day play an even more crucial role when our immune system is down and we need stronger nutritional support to boost the healing process.

Professionally trained in food science, our Dietitian will provide nutritional assessment and formulate customised medical diets and consultation that complement and support your treatment process.

Apart from that, the Dietitian also provides advice on foods or beverages to avoid and the correct way to take medication, whether with or without food, to gain optimal results from your treatment.

We hope to incorporate a fresh new approach to food and beverage consumption to create a healthy, discerning culture and society.