Professor Dr Nur Aishah Md Taib

MRCS (Edin), MS (Mal), MBBS (UM)


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  • Sat 18/01
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Fellowships, Memberships &

Professional Affiliations

  • Document Controller, Department Of Surgery, Faculty Of Medicine
  • Document Manager, University Malaya, 01-Nov-11
  • Acting Head Of Department, Department Of Surgery, Faculty Of Medicine, 28-Dec-10 - 03-Jan-11
  • Document Manager, Department Of Surgery, Faculty Of Medicine, 01-Oct-10


Awards and


  • Breast Surgery International Travel Fellow 2007, Breast Surgery International, 2007.
  • Bronze medal for Poster entitled: Fitting proportional hazards on local breast cancer data., RESEARCH, INVENTION AND INNOVATION EXPO, UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, 2006.
  • International Surgical Society. International Society Week, Adelaide 2009., Breast Surgery International, 2009.
  • Poster Competition, Annual Malaysia Oncology Society Meeting.Lau PC, Taib NA, YipCH et al. Postmastectomy locoregional recurrence and survival. , Malaysia Oncology Society, 2009.