Dr Aida Syarinaz Ahmad Adlan

MBBS (Mal), MPsycMed (Mal)


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I am a psychiatrist who not only see patients with severe mental illness, but those who have difficulty managing their mental health related to life stressors, such as relationship problems, or those who seem to feel that they're stuck. Although I do believe that medications help patients to improve, psychotherapy plays a big role in optimizing the treatment outcome. I provide "talking therapy".

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  • 2013 Ahmad, Aida Syarinaz; Hashim, Aili Hanim; Sachdev, Manveen Kaur; Pillai, Subash Kumar; Wan Ismail, Wan Salwina; Ng, Chong Guan; Ahmad Zahari, Muhammad Muhsin. Prevalence of psychiatric disorders among juvenile offenders in Malaysian Prisons and association with socio- demographic and personal factors. International Journal of Prisoner Health. (SCOPUS-Indexed)
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  • Fellowship in Intensive Short term Dynamic Psychotherapy (McGill University, Canada)


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  • Sijil Penghargaan Layanan Cemerlang Kepada Pesakit, University Malaya Medical Centre, 2007, (University)