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Sleep research centre opens in UM Specialist Centre

University Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC) and Philips Malaysia, a subsidiary of Royal Philips officially opened the Asean Sleep Research Competence Centre (ASRCC), located within the premises of University Malaya Hospital, last Thursday.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam officiated at the opening of the ASRCC.

The collaborative effort in establishing the ASRCC marks Asean  first centre dedicated to addressing sleep disorders in the region through training, clinical research and a corporate services centre.

The ASRCC will focus on driving awareness and early diagnosis of sleep disorders through its full range of solutions, addressing the most common of sleep disorders, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which is also closely linked to other fatal diseases.

Professor Datuk Amin Jalaludin, CEO of University Malaya Specialist Centre said,  “We believe that the results of this partnership will provide medical students a good training and learning environment, equipping them with skills and talents that will be needed.

“The students   future researchers and innovators   will benefit greatly from the opportunities presented with this collaboration and will be given the freedom to be innovative.

The ASRCC comprises a training academy, clinical research centre and corporate services centre.

The training academy will train and increase the number of sleep specialists in the region while the clinical research centre aims to improve the understanding of sleep disorders from an Asian perspective.

The ASRCC will provide sleep consultation across Asean through a centralised hub that conducts sleep reports scoring, analysis and patient management, and the corporate services centre will offer corporate packages for sleep disorder screening and check-up services.

These services are expected to begin by the end of this year. By tackling sleep disorders, the centre will be able to balance the demand of patients with more doctors while making progress on sleep research.

Between 2014 and 2018, the ASRCC is expected to organise sleep studies with 1,000 to 10,000 patients to be diagnosed. It will also organise training courses for specialists, general practitioners and sleep technicians.

Earlier this month, the ASRCC organised a two-day training course for specialist media, general physicians and sleep technicians from various hospitals in KL.

Philips Healthcare Asia Pacific president Arjen Radder. who was present at the officiating ceremony said,  “There is an increasing trend in the healthcare industry for a more holistic approach to the delivery of healthcare from preventative care to the diagnosis and treatment of disease, the subsequent monitoring of the recovery and after care at home.

Philips current Healthcare portfolio enables us to offer solutions across this continuum of care, and the ASRCC is further fundamental evidence of these frontier innovations which we bring to Malaysians and the region.

InvestKL CEO Zainal Amanshah said,  “This collaboration and completion of the centre between Philips Malaysia and UMSC will call for the creation of highly skilled jobs for Malaysian healthcare professionals, specialised training opportunities and establish Kuala Lumpur as the regional medical hub for sleep disorder research.