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Early diagnosis of prostate cancer key to effective treatment

PETALING JAYA: From their favourite sports team to the latest electronic gadgets, Malaysian men talk about everything.  But not their health, let alone anything below their belts like prostate cancer, says a medical expert.

download-1-150x150Consultant urologist Dr Shanggar Kuppusamy said about 50{123e3fafdb6db052bce257c2767c0501b4d69e09443e29bec7a694b24d0ee973} of patients seek treatment only when they are at the very late stage of the illness.

“We can prolong a quality life (through treatment) but we want to cure them. That is why they need to open up and come early,” he said during a press conference promoting the 2nd Blue Cap relay run for prostate cancer at the Persatuan Alumni Universiti Malaya (PAUM) clubhouse here yesterday.

Dr Shanggar said awareness and education help to bring on an early diagnosis of the illness.

He said most men only find out when they undergo their routine medical check-up.

“Unlike any other cancers, prostate cancer is a ‘good’ type of cancer because it can be cured,” he said.

Dr Shanggar recommended men to start talking to their physicians once they are 45 years old.

Prostate cancer survivor Santhanam Dass said that men are taking the issue lightly.

“It is a problem when everyone says that it is normal to have it,” said Santhanam, who is also Prostate Cancer Society Malaysia chairman.

“I did not have any symptoms at all,” he said.

Dubbed “Run With Your Man”, the relay run will see men doing the run with their family and friends.

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