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Bernama To Launch Special Microsite On Health

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 (Bernama) — The Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) will launch a dedicated microsite on health tomorrow on its official website, The site will provide a gateway to simple and informative news on health and wellness matters.

The site called ‘HEALTH’ is created and developed by Bernama’s Portal Unit, as maintaining wellness and optimal health is essential to building a healthy nation.

Universiti Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC), an established player in the healthcare industry, will be instrumental in supporting this segment with Bernama to create and promote public awareness of the importance of health and well-being in their daily lives.

A healthy community begins at the individual level. In addition, the new site will provide the latest news including activities, initiatives and programmes undertaken to improve health.

Bernama chief executive officer, Datuk Zulkefli Salleh said in a statement today: “We believe there is a clear appetite for trusted news on medical and healthcare. Our collaboration with UMSC means that Bernama can play a pivotal role in providing access to reliable and easy-to-find information on a wide range of health-related issues.”

Bernama also expects to get further support from other players in the medical and healthcare industry for this website.

“We are also working with stakeholder relations and communications bconsultancy, Perception Management Sdn Bhd, by leveraging its expertise and experience to accomplish this notable endeavour,” said Zulkefli.

UMSC chief executive officer, Azhar Harun said, “We are proud to play our role as the key strategic partner in sharing our expertise in health and medical content with Bernama through this special microsite. Health can represent a challenge for our society.

“At UMSC, it is our calling to strive to make our mark in society and become the healthcare provider of today. This collaboration is significant and meaningful for UMSC as it is our first with a media organisation.

“We look forward to further our working relationship with Bernama to create a healthy society towards nation building.”

UMSC is an integral part of the premier faculty of medicine, Universiti Malaya and its medical centre. The centre is renowned for its medical expertise in managing patients, medical research and training of doctors.

Key highlights of the microsite include exclusive interviews with UMSC medical specialists on topics such as cancer, heart disease, liver disease, low-back pain, bone and joint issues, and diseases specific to men and women. Also available are health and wellness tips for a healthy lifestyle.

The special site is accessible via