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MORE than 85 of young adults and adolescents aged 12 to 25 are affected by acne, a common skin disease.

In a bid to educate and empower Malaysians to take control of their skin condition, the #SayNo2Scars campaign was launched to remind people to take control of their skin issues and change their perception that acne is something they must live with.

“Many of us do not realise there is a solution to acne scars,” said DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd marketing management in healthcare consumer health senior manager Pang Koon Yin at the launch in PJ Trade Centre, Petaling Jaya.

Through #SayNo2Scars campaign, the company aims to educate Malaysians on how acne scars are formed and spread the word about effective and convenient treatments.

“We aim to help Malaysians minimise the visibility of dark marks and acne scars, and maximise their self-confidence.”


University Malaya Medical Centre consultant dermatologist Dr Ch’ng Chin Chwen said the prevalence of facial acne was about 67.5{123e3fafdb6db052bce257c2767c0501b4d69e09443e29bec7a694b24d0ee973} among adolescents in Malaysia, with a rising trend with increasing age.

“Facial acne is so common but many may not understand that without proper skin treatment, it may potentially lead to dark spots and even permanent scarring,” said Dr Ch’ng.

Medi-i Skin Studio founder Dr Lim Ing Kien said acne scarring was a result of severe acne. While some marks caused by mild acne can fade, dark marks and acne scars after moderate or severe acne need to be treated.

He said it was better to use post-acne products for acne scar prevention, as waiting for the acne to grow and develop into a scar would result in a lot of work to get rid of later.

“People with serious acne scars should seek professional help to heal them with chemical peels, microdermabrasions, laser or surgery.

“It is important to carefully choose the treatment that best matches your scarring condition in order to achieve optimal results. The quicker you act, the lesser the scarring,” he added.


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