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My 81-year-old father was recently admitted into UMSC (Universiti Malaya Specialist Centre) for a major surgery.He was under the care of two doctors. His primary doctor was Dr Sandip Kumar and his secondary doctor was Dr Wong Chew Ming.On the day of the operation, Dr Sandip visited my father who was in bed, obviously quite anxious about the whole surgical procedure.


Dr Sandip outlined the surgical procedure, the risks and what could be expected during and after the surgery.What impressed me most was that Dr Sandip did not stand over my father and speak down to him while he was in bed. He sat on the bed next to my father and many times re-assured him dad by holding his hand and telling him not to worry.Dr Wong was the nephrologist, who attended to my father before and after the surgical procedure. He drew blood every morning and every evening and would not only visit my father to inform him of the results but also provide me with a copy of the results for my father’s personal medical file.

He would also patiently answer all my father’s queries. My father was discharged on May 30 and was disappointed that he did see Dr Wong to thank him.While he was seated outside the hospital, Dr Wong came looking for him. Apparently he had gone to the ward but was told that my father had been discharged. He shook my father’s hand and told him it was a pleasure to have been able to treat him and wished him well.


I reside in Australia and have to admit that the service and professionalism of these two doctors are over and above what I have experienced in Australia.They are a tribute to their profession and an invaluable asset to UMMC and UMSC.My father is a walking miracle and I have to say that he would not have had this outcome, if not for Dr Sandip and Dr Wong.There is only so much medical intervention can do and I believe that the attitude, bedside manners and optimism of these two doctors played the biggest part in my father’s remarkable recovery. Thank You – just does not seem sufficient.



Perth, Australia