Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine in UMSC offers services  for exercise and sports medicine. We are experienced in diagnosing and managing sports related injuries and illness. We are used to treat common sports injuries like muscle, tendon and ligament tear i.e. strain and sprain, traumatic or overuse injuries. Our diagnostic  includes bedside ultrasound scan and complemented by ultrasound scan and MRI by musculoskeletal radiologist.  Treatment options that we offer include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and prolotherapy. Our services also extend to the general population with musculoskeletal problems e.g. joint degenerative disease i.e. osteoarthritis that does not require surgery and occupational or domestic related musculoskeletal problems e.g. lateral epicondylitis and bursitis.

We also offer specific sports medical check-up for elite and recreational athletes e.g. pre competition medical assessment for footballers.

Our sports physicians are experienced sports medicine specialists; and some are affiliated to the National Sports Institute and several national and international sports federation.

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