“In Malaysia the latest National Health Morbidity Survey conducted in 2016 by the Ministry of Health revealed that close to 30 percent of people have mental health problems. Some of this people would have mental health disturbances such as depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, psychotic experiences, addiction, morbid mood swings and many more among adults and also among children and adolescents.

Therefore, UMSC provided a comprehensive mental health and psychiatric services both outpatients and inpatients treatment. We cater for all types of mental health disturbances and psychiatric illnesses. Our consultants and specialists have qualified in their respective specialties and subspecialties locally and abroad. Experts at our centre have received recognitions in their fields of expertise. Beside clinical services provided by them, they also conduct research and do training in the fields of psychiatry and mental health. In addition to general psychiatric other special services provided in our centre include psychotherapy, addiction treatment, quit smoking service, psychiatric assessment and evaluations.

When ones have mental health problems it is important to seek help early in order to preserve your wellbeing and prevent the decline in your quality of life. Remember mental health and psychiatric problems are treatable condition and clinical helps are crucial.”

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