Oral & Dental Health

UMDSC is a private center with the full range of dental specialists who have completed training from different parts of the world and with at least 4 years of clinical experience in specialist practice. We are experienced in treating complex cases referred from other practices all over the country and responsible  in training top dental specialists for the country.

We are supported by very qualified and experienced medical specialists for complex case management, and also fully-trained and experienced laboratory technicians. Our team encompasses oral maxillofacial surgeons (face and jaw surgeries), orthodontists (braces, growth modifications, impacted or missing teeth, cleft management), prosthodontists (restoring teeth and replacement of missing teeth, dental implants), periodontists (gums disease management, gum surgeries), paediatric dentists (children dentistry), endodontists (root canal treatment), oral medicine and oral pathologists (oral diseases) and oral and maxillofacial radiologists (dental radiology).

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