Geriatric Medicine:

As specialists in elder health care and psychological care, the Geriatrician aims to identify and prioritize the disease profile of the elderly person. We help to address and prevent the onset of frailty that can manifest as unstable gait, falls, immobility (inability to walk or bed bound), mental issues (memory and mood disorders) and polypharmacy. A care plan is formulated after a comprehensive geriatric assessment is done by the Geriatric Physician. A comprehensive geriatric care assessment is thorough and can take up to 60 minutes. Several assessment visits with the patient/family members is required to fully establish the needs of the person assessed. Such assessments include a health, medication and social history, an assessment of Activities of Daily Living). And include Falls risk , Nutritional , Memory and mood, Balance and ability to walk (Gait) assessments.


The Geriatrician identifies and prioritizes the disease and plan the treatment profile of the patient. We attempt to streamline the patient’s medications, provide patient and family counselling regarding best management practices to enable the older patient to maintain independence in their daily activities as well as assisting in end of life decision making processes.

Disease range:

All diseases that afflict the elderly (over the age of 65 years) especially when many medical problems are present in the same individual. Geriatricians see the complicated medical cases that may need multiple specialist inputs. Pre- and Post- operative assessments of the elderly patient requiring surgery help to optimise and improve the outcome of the procedure and reduce the complication rate.

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