General Surgery

General Surgery

UMSC is the only private hospital in Malaysia that has the full rangae of resident sub-specialist surgeons whom have completed training from different parts of the world.  As all the surgeons are working in the largest tertiary teaching hospital in Malaysia, we are experienced in operating on complex and rare cases referred from hospitals all over the country

Besides doing surgeries, we are pioneering new technologies as we are the highest ranked research university in the country.   The surgeons are also all-rounder and solid in their fundamental medical knowledge as they are involved in teaching top medical doctors for the country.   Our surgeons are the most sought-after speaker in conferences not only in the Asia-Pacific region but from all over the world.

Our range of sub-specialist surgeons encompass cardiothoracic surgeon,upper gastro-intestinal surgeon (who specialises in the oesophagus and stomach), colorectal surgeon,vascular& endovascular surgeonhepatic-pancreato-biliary surgeon (who specialises in the liver, pancreas and bile duct),neurosurgeon, urologist,endocrine surgeon (who specialises in the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland), plastic and reconstructive surgeon(who specialises on face, skin and soft tissue lesions)and breast surgeon.

You can contact us at [email protected] for any enquiry or to ask which sub-specialist surgeon most qualified for your condition.

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