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Danger of button batteries & Children

If a child swallows the small, round, shiny flat batteries found in everything from remote controls, toys, musical greeting cards and other household devices, it can be a serious concern if lodged in the oesophagus causing damage in some instances. Read more :

Keyhole Heart Surgery

At UM Specialist Centre (UMSC) , diseases of the mitral valve, aortic valve, coronary artery and hole in the heart are routinely performed through the keyhole method. Read more :

Intermittent Fasting vs Keto Diet for weight loss

Discovering the effectiveness of the latest trends for weight loss and eating in specific time periods Read more :

A cough that wouldn’t go away

Beyond three weeks and up to eight weeks, a persistent cough is termed a sub-acute cough.  A doctor’s opinion should be sought Read more :

High Calcium Level, To Ignore Or To Seek Help

Elevated calcium levels are not normal and need to be taken seriously and managed appropriately.   Read more :

Eye Diseases

There are specific symptoms that give clue of sinister eye problems. Any time a person’s vision is disturbed or not how it used to be, especially if it occurs suddenly, that rings an alarm bell and should be checked immediately. Read more :

Hepatitis The Silent Disease

Hepatitis is a silent disease as most people with hepatitis do not have any symptoms. Hepatitis is detected via blood test where liver enzymes are elevated. Some may experience nausea, poor appetite or discomfort at the right upper abdomen. Read more :

Coping mentally when unemployed

Let’s face it, there is a global pandemic of unemployment, and this is a crisis within a crisis. People find themselves laid off, asked to take indefinite leave or are just straight off fired. Besides being in a financial challenge, it also stirs up all kinds of psychological issues. Read more :

Stop the Stigma

One of the first step in the journey of Mental Health is to listen with empathy. The key things to keep in mind is active listening to what’s being shared with the aim to understand, and not dismiss or correct.   Read more :

Love Your Bones

People who have osteoporosis may not have any symptoms. Lack of calcium and vitamin D increases the rate of bone loss and both play an important role in the regulation of bone density and bone architecture.   Read more :

Teenage Hearing Loss

“Parents may find it hard to identify whether their teen is having difficulty hearing based solely on their behavior, as the signs often match the ‘typical’ teenage stereotypes. There are certain behaviours that should flag your concern if a pattern forms”       Read more :