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FAQ & Patient information on medication refill

Frequently asked questions

1.Why can’t my medication be supplied in full on the day of consultation?

Medication may not be supplied in full according to prescription due to:-
a)Limitation of guarantee letter-The duration of medication supply depends on terms and condition spelled out in the guarantee letter. Please check with your human resource department if in doubt.
b)Availability of medication-The medication prescribed may not be available at our pharmacy. Do let us know if you would like us to assist in sourcing the medication. For special order drug, we would appreciate if you can contact us 5 working days in advance for us to get the drug ready.
c)Dangerous drug/psychotropic substance-Our hospital has a strict policy with regards to supply of dangerous drug/psychotropic substance due to limitation of supply by Ministry of Health and risk for abuse. Such drug shall be supplied on a monthly basis (subject to availability) to regulate supplies.
2.What if I lost my prescription?
Kindly approach the pharmacy department, we shall assist to trace a copy of your prescription.
3.Can I collect full supply of medication if my GL only entitles me to 1 month supply?
Yes, you may collect the full supply. The cost of medication not covered under GL shall be paid in full. Please speak to our pharmacy staff for more information.
4.Can I buy medication without prescription?
Only Group C poison and OTCs can be sold without doctor’s prescription. Please speak to our pharmacy staff for more information.
5.Can I return medication which is unused?
a)Our hospital has a strict no return/refund/exchange policy for medication dispensed to outpatient because we would no longer have any assurance of the strength, quality, purity or identity of the articles returned. You may request to purchase for a shorter duration if you are uncertain of the efficacy and suitability of medication prescribed.
b)Medical supplies* purchased from our retail pharmacy can be exchanged for size within 7 working days from the date of purchase, provided it is in good condition and the packaging is not tampered with.
*Limited to selected orthopedic braces and support only. Please check with staff on duty for more information.
6.What if I am travelling?
Travel document is necessary if you wish to collect more than 1 month supply of dangerous drug/psychotropic substance, subjected to drug availability. For GL patients, please liaise with your human resource department to clearly state the duration of supply in your GL.
7.I am busy. Can someone come on my behalf to pick up my drug refill?
Yes, anyone can come on patient’s behalf for drug refill as long as they bring along the original prescription and receipt as proof of payment.
8.Will I need to pay registration fee for drug purchase
No registration fee is applicable.
9.Will GST apply to my drug purchase?
Drug purchase on doctor’s prescription is considered as exempted supply for registered patients. Drug or medical supplies purchased with / without doctor’s prescription at retail pharmacy is subject to GST, if applicable.



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