Associate Professor Dr Hemalatha A/P Shanmugam

MPath (Mal), MBChB (Sheff)


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Dr Hemalatha Shanmugam is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Quality Manager at the Department Of Pathology, Faculty Of Medicine, UM. She started her career in 1999 as a House Officer at Hospital Ipoh and has been involved in pathology services since 2002. Her area of expertise include Haematology and Transfusion Medicine. She has contributed articles to the Malaysian Journal of Pathology, Haemophilia and International Journal of Laboratory Haematology.

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Professional Affiliations

  • Pathologist in charge of HLA typing services, Department Of Pathology, Faculty Of Medicine, 01-Jun-09.
  • Secretary of QLA Team, 01-Aug-08 - 01-Jun-09.
  • Pathologist in charge of Routine Haematology Lab, Department Of Pathology, Faculty Of Medicine, 01-Apr-08.


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  • Ranjeet Bhagawan Singh Gold medal, 2007.